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Dec 2, 2013 4:10am EST
. the iron law of alcohol policy says reducing the availability of alcohol will reduce alcohol consumption and reduce alcohol- related health harms. the same holds for sugar. the problem is -- how do you get there? how about government agency action. regulation in the food industry by congress is a nonstarter. they are not touching this. there is no way in the world anyone in congress will go out on a limb for this. but why can't the farm bill subsidize real food instead of food ingredients? that is what it used to do. food stamps. bloomberg try to remove food stamps from snap and he was rebuffed by the usda because the usda is in the pocket of the food industry. several other states have applied and the usda has rebuffed them. but the question is why is the usda in charge anyway? that is like the fox in charge of the hen house. the usda sells food, it is hhs's job to keep us healthy. shouldn't this be an issue for them? not an fda issue. the efsa, the european food safety administration, could influence the court of public opinion to make sugar less appealing. cigarettes went from fashion
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1